Can Better Sleep Make You Wealthy?

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You want to spend more time with your family and provide your children with a promising future. So we want to know: can improving one’s sleep habits make a big difference in their pocketbook or savings account?

In today’s harsh economy, people are looking in every direction to make or save a buck. So, why not start in your own bedroom? With all of the sleep studies we’ve published and all of the reports we’ve read we believe you can save and make more money by practicing good sleep habits.

First of all, let’s take a look at the ways in which not getting enough sleep can cost you money.

The Cost of Caffeine

When you’re sleepy, chances are the first thing you grab for is a large coffee, tea or soda. Now, coffee can be rather expensive, depending on whether you get a large latte with extra foam from your local coffee shop or opt for a less expensive black drip coffee from your own coffee maker. Regardless, the cost of purchasing coffee can really add up over time. Some people spend more money on coffee every day than they do on their lunch! Getting a good night’s sleep can really help towards reducing or eliminating the money you spend on coffee every week.

The High Price of Convenience

Sleepy people are less productive and more likely to gravitate towards paying others to do simple tasks they otherwise would have done themselves. A housekeeper once a week or month can be much more costly than doing the cleaning yourself. This is also true for washing your car or simple home repairs. If you’re too tired after a long week of work, you should consider getting more sleep rather than paying for someone to do domestic work for you. Exhaustion can be the deciding factor in whether you drive a little further to the less expensive supermarket rather than paying nearly double at your local convenience store. Lack of energy can also lead to picking up a bag of unhealthy fast food at the drive-through instead of saving money by cooking something at home.

Sleep Less, Eat More

Study after study has shown that sleep-deprived people eat more high-calorie, fatty food than those who get enough sleep on a daily basis. Sleep deprivation creates imbalances in which appetite-stimulating hormones are over produced and hormones that make you feel satisfied are under produced. In addition to over eating, sleepiness also increases the desire to eat high calorie, energy-producing food in order to make up for the lack of rest. In addition to expanding your waistline this can make you spend more money on food than necessary.

Now, let’s take a look at how getting enough sleep can help you make money.

Sleep Your Way to Success

Every night when you sleep, your mind rewires itself. Whether it’s discarding useless information or building neural pathways to help improve physical and mental tasks you’ve learned during the day, sleep plays a vital function in the formation of memory. A recent study found that sleep deprivation creates lapses in the brain’s ability to create long-term memories. By getting enough sleep you’ll be sharper at work which greatly increases your chances for on-the-job success.

Sleep also affects your overall sense of well-being. Getting a great night’s sleep that isn’t impaired by alcohol consumption or frequent wake-ups can have a huge impact in mood, mental function and overall energy levels. When you are at your best; you perform your best whether it’s on a math test, in the boardroom or on the athletic field. If you want to increase you income, it looks like the place to start is in the bedroom.

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